Dimensional Letters & Office Signs

Superior Dimensional Letters in New York, NY

We create dimensional corporate logos and dimensional letters in New York, NY in order to match or enhance the environment of our clients’ offices or facilities. In addition, we always provide on-site expert advice and installation for the logo or letters that your business needs.

Dimensional Logos

Our dimensional logos are a replication of our customers’ logo files. Because we care about the quality of our products, we only use the best materials, including:

  • Metals

    With decades of experience under our belts, ArtCraft produces the finest flat cut metal letters available today. Using water jets CNC Routers and Lasers to procisly cut letters and logos from customer supplied art files.

  • Plastics

    ArtCraft's Laser cut acrylic is customizable for almost any application. Starting with sheet acrylic that come in a range of standerd colors or painted to the exact pantone colors your logo requires, we can carve your sign with exacting procisioon,

Dimensional Letters

The dimensional letters that we build are created based on our clients’ digital designs. Here are the varieties of materials to choose from for dimensional letters in New York, NY:

  • Alluminum

    Standard thickness 0.25" finnished in either polished mirror or satin brush face with sand lblasted edges.

  • Brass

    Standard thickness 0.25" finnished in either polished or satin brush face with sand blasted edges and laquer cote.

  • Bronze

    Standerd thickness 0.25" finished with brushed face with sand blasted edges and laquer cote.

  • Painted Acrylics

    Letters cut from acrylic sheet stock prisision air brushed to custom pantone matchin colors for corporate letters and logos

  • Foam

    Ultra foam-polystyrene is a light weight panel consisting of a rigid polystyrene foam core faced on both sides with a moisture resistant polystyrene. Designed primarily for indoor use.

  • Metal Laminates

    Metal laminates are a alegant yet inexpenive alternetive to matal letters by use of aluminum .020" thick sheet stock laminated to PVC Fome bourd fo thicknes f .25" to .50" finishes satn brush brass, polished mirror brass satin brushed aluminum, polished aluminum